Strategic Thinking & Planning

The core of our Build A Boss program is rooted in a deep understanding of self. Great leaders understand both their strengths and areas of opportunity. They are also aware of how others might fill knowledge or skill gaps and are not afraid to call upon their team for assistance. 

We use several different tools to unearth individual potential, including Insights Discovery.

Our program aims to build personal leadership skills in the following areas:

  • Understanding how to analyze changing conditions and the competitive landscape, and to see a future for the business that may not have existed in the past
  • Understanding the difference between operational and tactical activities, and setting a course through vision and ideation
  • Understanding how to develop and leverage emotional Intelligence
  • A new confidence to “show up” in a manner that is respected and respectful
  • An awareness of presence and the power of perception
  • An individual definition of personal brand, and how to capitalize on it
  • Increased confidence to handle the new power and authority
  • Methods for demonstrating clear decision making, appropriate risk-taking, and problem solving.

Please note:

The TAG Team customizes each Build A Boss program to fit the needs of the organization or work team.

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