ME +Team

Me +Team

Selecting and Building a Team/
Managing Vs. Leading

A manager is only as strong as their team. How can you foster inclusiveness, capitalize on individuals’ strengths, create team cohesion and harmony, and drive achievement? 

Our Build A Boss program gives you the tools you need to select and build a stand-out work team. We aim to develop the following:

  • Comfort and an understanding of the responsibility for setting and implementing goals for others
  • Clarity of setting expectations, prioritizing activity, and delegating
  • Identifying necessary functions on the team that align with larger objectives and goals
  • Defining the necessary skills required for a role and selecting a team that aligns functional needs with skill sets
  • An enhanced ability to build productive relationships with their staff
  • Identifying the circumstances and experiences that enable the growth of the team individually and together (stretch assignments)
  • Gain deep understanding of the style differences of the team members leading to capitalizing on the best the individuals have to offer (We often incorporate Insights Discovery into this area)
  • The ability to engage and motivate employees (as well as the ability to ask powerful questions that foster engagement and open the door for innovation and creativity)
  • Confidence to communicate messages effectively
  • Understanding the importance of written communication and documentation

Please note:

The TAG Team customizes each Build A Boss program to fit the needs of the organization or work team.

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