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Developing Others

One of the areas often overlooked by managers is enabling and empowering their team members on a one-on-one basis. This crucial undertaking can lead to higher employee retention, increased engagement, improved employee performance, and better overall results.

Build A Boss gives guidance to leaders to effectively work one-on-one with their employees by focusing on the following skills:

  • Comfort and an understanding of the responsibility for setting and implementing goals for others; clarity of setting expectations, prioritizing activity, and delegating
  • An understanding of the process and importance of evaluating performance in a manner that encourages and motivates
  • Developing the ability to allow people to take initiative.
  • Interviewing, using good processes and internal guidelines.
  • Understanding of the strengths and gaps of each person.
  • Offering consistent feedback effectively
  • The ability to handling crucial conversations with confidence and clarity, asking critical questions that inspire and motivate, demonstrating support and trust
  • The ability to ask powerful questions that foster engagement and open the door for innovation and creativity
  • The ability to engage and motivate employees and influence others’ behavior and contributions
  • Confidence to communicate messages effectively to each individual
  • Understanding the importance of written communication and documentation

Please note:

The TAG Team customizes each Build A Boss program to fit the needs of the organization or work team.

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