What We Do

Build A Boss

At the core of the TAG Team’s work is our cutting-edge program for managers of all levels: Build-A-Boss.

The goal of Build-A-Boss is to:

  • Set leaders up to succeed and thrive in their role.
  • Help new managers minimize missteps that could significantly impact an employee or even an organization.
  • Equip both new and established managers with the skills and tools they need to successfully lead their team.
  • Enable leaders to create a positive, company-wide impact.

We take a four-pronged approach. We not only develop leaders, but also focus on their relationships between other co-workers, their team, and their organization. Click on each of the four areas below to learn more about it.



Strategic Thinking and Planning; Self-Awareness

During the transition to supervisor, the individual realizes they are only as good as the people they lead. It is no longer about their ability to contribute on their own. Through a deeper understanding of self, they learn to use their strengths in new ways.



Developing Others

The manager recognizes their role in capitalizing on others’ strengths, building authentic relationships, setting clear goals and expectations, prioritizing activities, and delegating appropriately. They foster engagement and open the door for innovation and creativity.



Selecting and Building and a Team

Who does a leader need on their team? How can they develop a deep understanding of their co-workers’ skill sets and areas of interest in order to create a thriving, motivated team? The leader is charged with capitalizing on the best individuals have to offer, confidently communicating their goals and expectations, and effectively holding people accountable for their commitments.



Leadership Presence

A manager’s actions can create ripples across an organization. By implementing relationship-building strategies, leveraging resources, and fostering long-term, innovative thinking, a manager can create a positive executive presence. Creating credible leadership and building a solid brand reputation are processes that require diligence and strategy.


How To Get Started

Ready to start your journey to success? So are we! Please contact us to get started.