The earliest test of leadership comes with
the first assignment to manage others.

That’s why we created Build A Boss.

Build A Boss is The TAG Team’s flagship program, designed to empower
and enable managers, whether new to their role or striving to improve their leadership.

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Explore The TAG Team’s Build A Boss four-pronged approach by clicking on each of the gears below:


The TAG Team is comprised of an accomplished team of coaches who leverage their extensive experience, proven techniques, and effective coaching styles to help you prepare for your first management role or perfect your leadership skills. We work with both individuals and organizations.

The TAG Team recognizes that new managers fail because they are ill equipped for the task. We know it’s tough to transition from doing the work effectively and being a top performer to motivating and inspiring others to be their best.

The overarching goal of the training is to:

Build skills that demonstrate the attributes of a successful manager who will swiftly and consistently impact your business while developing a team and creating an environment where all succeed.


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four focuses of the build a boss program